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It’s that time of the year again! Time to shed your long sleeves and pants, kick off your shoes and treat your skin to the sunlight it has been missing. While most are careful to prepare their bodies for summer, your feet is often the area that has been most neglected over the winter months. This could mean a lot of dead skin cell build-up, dry chapped heels, and stubborn calluses, warranting at least one trip to your local nail salon. Yellow calluses just won’t go well with those pretty sandals you have been waiting to slip into.

Whether you are a home remedy novice or an experienced manicurist, callus removal is not that easy to do. However, it’s important that neither you nor your technician, try to take a short cut by using a blade to cut or ‘shave’ them off. Apart from the practice being illegal in Australian salons, the use of blades is very damaging to the skin and leaves it susceptible to infection.

This drastic method leaves little room to distinguish ‘dead’ skin from tough skin that needs moisturising and the cutting and removal of this skin exposes the sensitive areas below leaving the client vulnerable to germs and infection. Remember even the water is already tainted from the pre-soak.

The best option is to gently file the area to remove the tough skin and the most common way is to soak and manually file the area – using the Pedi Paddle. This way is not only very labour intensive and time consuming, but because the tools are difficult to clean, you can never be completely sure they are properly sanitised.

With the Simply Billie pedicure, this process is incredibly easy and fast. You have precise control over the pressure and intensity of the removal of the dead cells, and then you can easily sterilize the Drill Bits, or use the disposable range that you can simply throw away after use.

This is just another example of why the Simply Billie pedicure drill machine is such an essential asset.  It’s gentle, painless, time efficient, hygienic, and the best part is that it’s just so easy. It will keep not only the customer happy, but the beauty technician as well.

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