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Undeniably, most women love to pamper themselves such as going to the salon and have their manicure and pedicure done. Manicure and pedicure are the common procedures but nowadays nail art or nail design is the “in” thing for fashion-conscious women.

Anyone can choose to have manual manicure/pedicure or take advantage of the newest trend in fashion. Manual manicure or pedicure may seem good because you are assured that the nail tools are clean since they are for personal use only but sometimes doing it manually incurs some troubles like having uneven cut of the nails and not-so-pretty outcome and worse, wounding oneself. Also, manual manicure and pedicure is time-consuming which makes women abhor the long process. Living in this “high-tech” world, manual procedures can be replaced by using machines such as electric pedicure drill machine or professional pedicure drill machine which makes the process easier and faster. Due to time constraints and busy schedule, most women do not have the luxury doing manual manicure and pedicure. Hence, using an electric pedicure drill machine or professional pedicure drill machine saves time and effort. There is no doubt that electric pedicure and professional pedicure drill machines are fast-action heroes. They can shave 15 minutes to half an hour off the time it takes to do a full set of sculptured nails, and they can turn fills into an express service.

When it comes to manicure or pedicure, applying nail polish is a cinch but removing the cuticle is the most delicate part. The common way is using a cuticle remover such as creams or liquid solutions. However, one must be extra careful in doing such since removing the cuticle entails a meticulous job. Some technicians claim their drills saved their career by helping them avoid that career-wrecker-carpal tunnel syndrome. Using professional pedicure drill machines and electric pedicure drill machine will definitely cut down on carpal tunnel incidence because you’re balancing the drill on a pivot area, your pinkie. You move your whole hand and arm; the motion is not just a flexing of the wrist. So, there’s no reason why nail technicians can’t incorporate drills into their work.

Now, you might be wondering how much these machines cost, after all, most machines have a nuance of being expensive. Surprisingly, electric pedicure drill machine or professional pedicure drill machine is cheap, affordable and is readily available in the stores. In fact, these machines are cheaper compared to buying the tools needed in a manual nail kit. With this, nail art and nail design can be easily achieved through the use of the said drill machines sans the discomfort of manually doing the conventional nail art. The next time you pamper yourself, choose the most convenient and the best way—try the professional drill machine and see the results! Nail art has never been this rewarding!




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