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Pedicure drill machine is an electrical device equipped with a mechanical rotating burr that gently files away tough skin. The primary use of the Professional Pedicure Drill Machine is in treatment of thick calluses on heels, gross plantar calluses, corns, rough and cracked skin, but can also be used in nail design and in general manicure/pedicure treatments.

The drill can be set at a range of speeds usually up to 40,000 rpm and may or may not have an integrated ventilation extraction system.

Podiatry drills are not all created equal. In fact, most podiatry drills in the market were originally designed and created for the manicure market. Manufacturers of these devices discovered an additional market in the Podiatry arena and rather than building drills for the more rigorous use and demands that a Podiatrist puts on a drill, they simply sold the manicure drill into the Podiatry market.

Why is this a concern? The manicure drill was not created with the power, torque, and longevity requirements that a PDM requires and therefore the drills break down often and do not last as long as they should. If you are paying thousands of dollars for a piece of equipment, you need it to be reliable, powerful, efficient, and long-lasting. A good Pedicure Drill Machine should offer strong torque at the burr so that you can apply the necessary pressure to debride the nail quickly. Many of the drills in the market today will bog down when you begin to apply more pressure and this tends to heat up the motor causing pre-mature failure.

At, we have selected the best Podiatry drills in the market for today’s practitioner. These drills receive good online reviews from users and their average life span is 10-15 years! You can certainly find cheaper drills, but the cost of failure and breakdowns adds up quickly and you will soon regret buying cheap!

What you are experiencing is one of the unique features designed to give the machine a longer life span. The drill is equipped with an internal protection fuse so when the rotating sanding head is pressed on the foot with too much pressure, the fuse automatically kicks in and stops for 5 – 10 minutes.

You can avoid the waiting time by turning the power switch off and on again, however the best way is to prevent it altogether by changing your method and optimising your performance by allowing the machine to do all the work.

If you turn the speed up higher and only lightly touch the foot with the rotating sanding head, it allows the sander to remove all the dead skin with its spinning motion rather than by applying a lot of pressure. This may take some getting used to as you are probably used to using hard pressure and manual labour with the old Pedi padle. However, once you get the hang of how to use this machine correctly, it will do all the hard work for you and in much less time as well.

The DISPOSABLE CAPS have been specially designed so that they fit snug with the CAP HOLDER and don’t come off the drill bit while the head is rotating at high speeds, so its no wonder that it’s a bit difficult to remove. I have found that the best way to remove the DISPOSABLE CAP is to keep the DRILL BIT locked into the machine so that you can get a better grip on the cap.

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Yes, you may phone your orders in by calling +61 410 200 830. We will always call or email a confirmation receipt of an order for your peace of mind!

Most items arrive within 5-7 business days, however shipping to Western Australia and other far away destinations can take up to 11 working days.  Shipping can take up to 21 business days if the product is out of stock.

We offer shipping via Fast Way Couriers for orders within Australia. For orders outside Australia, your product will be shipped via Australia Post. If we have the product in stock, you will have the option to choose either domestic or international shipping when you check out. If you would like to use your preferred courier and your account number, we would be glad to do that for you.

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Yes, please see our return policy for details.

In nail business, you may hear various opinions regarding what people want in their pedicure and manicure machines. Most say they want the machine to be attractive, multi-purpose, compact, light, powerful, durable, and especially cheap! Is it possible to have all of those? Well we definitely want that.

Your machine is a means of making money so it should have a set of quite specific characteristics: In order to help you with your decision, will discuss the features of machines sold by leading European producers and used by leading schools in the nail and beauty industry. We hope this information will help you to buy a device that will be of good use in this tough, but interesting and rewarding industry.



A machine is going to be used frequently and must serve for several years without breaking down so that your investment will be justified. This is only possible when you acquire a machine with a long-term warranty. The manufacturers and sellers of these machines have to be confident about their products quality to be able to offer a long-term warranty. For instance Simply Billie machines come with up to 3 years warranty!


The handpiece should be easy to grip without strain, and should have a smaller diameter that makes it more comfortable to hold. It is important that the weight of the handle is evenly spread. A vibration-free handpiece with an Easy-Twist Lock Chuck is a must to perform better procedures.


A low weight machine enables the specialist to carry it around easily from customer to customer in the salon, and provide high quality care to customers in their homes.


A machine is Multi-Function if it can do “everything”- from nail correction to pedicure and to treatments of rough skin and calluses. All Simply Billie PDM’s are Multi-Function.

Margin of safety:

One of the most important characteristics is the length of time a machine can work without overheating. All our machines are made by well-known manufacturers with over 85 years of experience allowing you to work full time serving a large number of clients per day.

Power margin:

It is important for the treatment of nails that the PDM has a strong power level controlled by a build-in microprocessor allowing the work to be done faster and of a high quality. This is another one of the great features our machines offer.

Absence of vibration:

Any experienced specialist can tell you what “quality” you will achieve with a trembling instrument and what pain your hand will have by the end of the day. Vibration also leads to faster wearing and breakage of the machine.

Yes, you can! However, only clean the sapphire part and not the plastic part. After cleaning, please ensure to rinse the drill bits with water.

If you are servicing around 8 clients per day, then you will need to change the dust bag every 3 to 4 months.

No. Unfortunately, you cannot purchase the Foot Pedal separately as the other machines do not have the connection socket required for the Foot Pedal.

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