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Pedicure Drill Machine

Simply Billie specialises in Professional Electrical Pedicure Drill Machines that are made with or without dust extraction and Drill Bits/Burs. These devices are for professional Beauty Therapists, Nail Stylists and Podiatrists to use in the procedures of pedicure, manicure and nail design. For treatment of thick calluses on heels, gross plantar calluses, corns, rough and cracked skin, nails and cuticles.

Europe has been using these machines for many years. They are A MUST HAVE tool for every Professional Therapist and Podiatrist. These devices will increase your productivity and efficiency! They have the capability of taking off dry skin on feet much faster and in a more efficient, hygienic and effective way, compared with the traditional foot file that we know can only take off a small percentage of the dry skin and is very labour intensive. By using these machines in your salon, you will increase your time efficiency and the quality of your work and reduce labour costs. Introduce an amazing difference in the overall quality of the pedicure experience to your customers. For a cleaner, more hygienic procedure, the Micro Air is available with dust extractor.

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