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Electric Pedicure Drill Machine is a simple yet excellent tool for every professional beautician with the purpose of enhancing efficiency in manicure and pedicure procedures. Beauticians, Nail Stylists and Podiatrists use this device primarily in shaping and filing down fingernails or toenails to a workable or aesthetically pleasing length and width.

This machine not only helps to thin and reshape the contour of the nails, it is also the beautician’s armory of choice in creating intricate nail art from an individual costumer’s nail design of choice in much less time and in a much more efficient manner.

Professional Pedicure Drill Machine started to gain popularity more than two decades ago when the trend of professional manicure and pedicure started to gain momentum. Prior to that time, only the elite in most societies hired someone to perform this personal grooming ritual. As demand for these nail services increased, electric nail files enabled manicurists and podiatrists to perform their jobs more quickly and efficiently.

Improvements over the original models incorporate the inclusion of several tips and attachments that are especially designed to perform specific functions. Certain tips are meant to be used only on natural nails, and others should not be used on anything but acrylic nails.

How does an Electric Pedicure Drill Machine Works?

Most professional pedicure drill machines look like thick pens and are usually small and handheld. They are designed to fit easily in the hand. When a drill is powered on, the eraser-shaped file at the end of the drill rotates at a rapid speed. It works much like a sander does, just for a very small area of the body. When it is turned on and the nib is rubbed along a fingernail or toenail, layers of the nail are quickly sloughed off.

One of the most common jobs that an electric pedicure drill machine can make easier and more professional is preparing the individual costumer’s manicure and/or pedicure nail design of choice for a full set of contoured nail art. Using a combination of bands and tips, a beautician can properly texturize the natural nails and gently push back the cuticles before the process begins. Unlike a manual tool, a professional pedicure drill machine can ensure conformity of the natural nail surfaces.

Professional Pedicure Drill Machine: Revolutionizing the Pedicure Trend

Electric Pedicure Drill Machine currently proves to be on top of every podiatrist’s must have gadget.  Not only does it aid in beautifying a customer’s nails by various nail arts with intricate nail designs—surprisingly, it is also used in treatment of thick calluses on heels, gross plantar calluses, corns, and as well as rough and cracked skin.

With the Professional Pedicure Drill Machine, customers do not have to wait long, boring hours on getting their feet prepped up. Gone are the old, traditional hand files that can only take off a tiny portion of the dry skin and are very labor intensive. It has the capability to take off dry skin really fast, efficient, hygienic and very effective. The revolutionary Electric Pedicure Drill Machine provides the magical pedicure experience every feet deserve.

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